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Pulling Up Roots After 50 Years

When it was time to sell the house where we had grown up and help our father move to assisted living, my sisters and I were in no way prepared to do it ourselves.

Our mother had just died and none of us lived in the area. Our parents had bought the big Victorian house in 1965, and it was filled, from basement to attic, with things collected over a lifetime by a family who loved to travel, cook, make things, grow things, fix things, and, above all, read.  Despite the obvious inevitability of the situation, and the fact that we had attempted, over the years, to come to grips with the house and its contents, we needed help.  

A family friend recommended we work with Alice. She talked with us about our timeline and goals and developed a plan that made everything seem manageable. Over the course of just a few months, the contents of the house were sorted, van loads of items distributed for keeping, donating, and selling, and moves arranged to three different states. Alice drew on her array of professional contacts including movers, junk haulers, and auctioneers to handle the component parts of the work.

We worked onsite with Alice and her team for part of that time. But we trusted her completely to work without us present and to work directly with the executives at the assisted living facility, which had specific requirements about new clients moving in and with our realtor, who was trying to schedule showings of the house around all of this work. 

Most important to us was that Alice worked so well with our father and with us to plan his move -- including identifying exactly what he would need in his new place, what he would enjoy having near him, and what would actually fit.  His new apartment was perfectly set up when he arrived and having some favorite pieces of furniture, artwork, and beloved plants helped make the place feel more like home. 

Alice is an incredible manager and she is deeply knowledgeable about all the parts of a project like this.  We were so impressed with her ingenuity about what could be donated or recycled, her relationships with related professionals, and her sensitivity and kindness to all of us. The entire process was overwhelming and difficult but we would never, ever have been able to do it without Alice.

- Martha, Emily, and Beth
Newton, MA

We Set Our Own Tempo

During the winters of 2014-15 we realized that it was time to move from a home in the woods of Plymouth to a 55+ community. We faced our physical limitations as well as a 30 year accumulation of possessions from both present and previous marriages. In addition one of us is a packrat and the other is a neatnik. The prospect of a move while avoiding a state of war was truly daunting.

In the meantime we had watched Alice Abraham reinventing herself after being laid off from a job she had held for years. She became interested in the emerging field of senior move management, founded A Tempo Senior Move, and established herself as a leader in the profession. With characteristic intelligence, talent and creative energy she had become the very kind of expert we needed. She was perfectly suited to solve our predicament. We became Alice’s clients and for over six months of regular ‘Alice’ visits, she shepherded us through the process of organizing and reducing our belongings, preparing our home to be put on the market, packing for the move, and even helping us settle into our new home after the move.

We could not have done it without her guidance and support! Before each of her visits we would set aside items to be donate, sold or discarded. She was tireless, making endless trips to her car through rain, ice and snow to remove the items we had collected. She was always available for encouragement, emotional support or a bit of humor. She never pushed when one or the other of us clung irrationally to a possession we were not ready to let go of.

As we moved through the process, she was right there with us as we contracted with movers, and started packing in earnest. Alice brought in two helpers who were very friendly, efficient and helpful. We will always remember the day we all sat down for lunch on the deck of the old house. Instead of anxiety and the sadness of loss, we enjoyed a respite that was full of sunshine, laughter and good feelings. Thanks to Alice and A Tempo we were going to survive the move!

- Eileen & Joe
Plymouth, MA

Moving was almost a breeze!

I first discovered there was such a profession as 'move managers,' after my mother passed away in 2012.  My mom was a resident of Chevy Chase, MD and had lived in same large apartment for 42 years.  She had accumulated a lifetime of objects, and I needed to figure out what to do with everything to get her apartment ready for sale. I felt daunted and overwhelmed until a cousin suggested that I find a move manager through the National Association of Move Managers, which I did right away.  A consultation was arranged, and from that point on, what first appeared as an overwhelming task became quite manageable and relatively stress free.  Voila!

So, last summer when my husband and I were selling our rather large house in Burlington, Vermont, where we had lived for 20 years, I went straight to the website and found Alice Abraham.  Alice was a complete joy to work with! She was not only adept at the logistics of the move (sorting, dispersing, shredding, donating, trashing), but also had a deep understanding of the emotional aspects of moving, and handled those difficult moments with welcome professionalism. 

At this point, I really can't imagine making a move without a NASMM Move Manager.  Life is too short and time is too valuable to stress over a move, especially when there are experts like Alice Abraham to make a relocation seem almost like a breeze.

- Suzanne
Delray Beach, FL

A Boost for Boomers

Alice Abraham was fantastic and a godsend for us when we moved! We are not seniors but “boomers” and we sure needed some help. Alice was there for us — resourceful, empathetic, well-organized, and tireless. And we had fun!

We both have some physical issues that would've made it very difficult for us to cope with this move alone. Alice came to our rescue, helped us get organized, packed and labeled endless boxes, and made sure we met our deadlines with the moving trucks. Then at our new place she helped us move in and with a great vision and careful planning with a logical approach, she organized cabinets and drawers, closets and shelves, bathrooms and bedrooms, our outside extra room, and every place in between.  

Alice looks at the big picture with each move, strategizes and blocks out important steps to take to reach completion. She renders what is often a daunting task to most of us into a very manageable, comfortable task accomplished.  All the while she is constantly reminding us that moving is not that bad, that soon the work will be done and we will enjoy the rewards of our new home.

Until recently we didn’t even know this professional service existed, but now we wouldn't imagine anybody ever coping with a move without her fantastic help. The musical phrase, "A Tempo" in her clever company name, with emphasis on the ahhhh!, describes the in-control satisfied feeling you reach after the successful move is accomplished with Alice and her team.  We can't recommend Alice and her team of professionals at A Tempo Senior Move strongly enough.  Book them now and you will feel the same!  Alice is our hero! Thank you!

- Terry & Les
Los Angeles, CA

Respectful and "Pet-Friendly"

What can I say about Alice Abraham, proprietor, and I daresay, “creative director,” of A Tempo Senior Move, and her colleague, David Lima. To put it succinctly, they are nothing short of amazing.

Faced with the prospect of cleaning out my mother’s seven-room apartment and an equally large attic, both of which were full of the belongings of an 85-year-lifetime and a 23-year residence in the apartment, along with two beloved parakeets and a very beloved 9-year-old cocker spaniel, Gracie, I was feeling absolutely overwhelmed. I had no idea how I was going to deal with all of this in addition to dealing with the financial aspects of my mother moving to a long-term care unit and having to apply for Medicaid, not to mention the emotional aspects of all of this, which have been considerable, all while working full-time, visiting Mom six nights a week, and traveling once a week out of town for work associated with my candidacy in a doctoral program in psychoanalysis.

And then I heard about “Senior Move Managers,” as a concept and Alice Abraham in particular, who is the founder/owner of A Tempo Senior Move. Alice’s story is in and of itself an interesting one, her background as a music librarian and now reinventing herself as the owner of A Tempo. I knew Alice through association with my doctoral program, but I was not aware of her entry into this business until someone else at the school suggested I contact her. From the moment I heard what she and her colleagues could offer, I knew that this was going to be a solution to questions I had no yet even anticipated, and I never looked back.

I cannot recommend Alice and her team highly enough. The work they do and the way they do it is incredible. There are, of course, the practical aspects of what is offered, such as a comprehensive awareness of resources, such as moving companies and non-profit organizations that will gladly receive donations of items, through sorting and packing of belongings, along with provision of materials needed for cleaning items. The team will move, or hire people to move, whatever needs moving to wherever it is going. They will help place furniture, pictures, clothing, etc. in a new location. They will pack and unpack. If it needs doing, they will either do it or find someone who will. There is nothing too big, too heavy, too old, too fragile, etc. for them to tackle.

A Tempo is also “pet-friendly.” Alice found a home for the two beloved parakeets and moved them, along with their palatial cage, which she first cleaned. They have a new home in Vermont where she found someone who “fell in love” with them. Alice and her associate, David, took wonderful care of little Gracie while they worked. When Gracie-dog wasn’t “supervising” their work, David took her out for some long walks around the neighborhood.

I could go on and on about everything Alice and David provided, both tangible and intangible. The intangible provisions were among the most important. There was tremendous respect for the person (my mother, who they had not even met) whose possessions were being sorted, catalogued, packed and moved. Great respect for her dear friend who lived downstairs, and for my brother and myself, as we went through the belongings of a lifetime, faced with the challenging task of figuring out what to keep and what to let go. These intangible provisions are difficult to quantify but their benefits are immeasurable.

If ever you find yourself faced with the need to downsize, move, and/or close out a home, be it for yourself or for loved ones, you will do yourself a favor if you engage A Tempo Senior Move to help you. They are eminently flexible and what they provide is novel, comprehensive and deeply respectful of the lives of the people (and animals) they are serving.

I could never have accomplished all that these two people accomplished inside of a three-week period. I would not even have known where to begin. I am most grateful for the great care and respect, not to mention expertise and professionalism that was provided by Alice and David, and A Tempo Senior Move. Though I am relieved that the job is done, I will miss the regular contact with these delightful people. I would use them again in a heartbeat.

- Joyce
Springfield, MA

Untangling a Lifetime of Collecting

Alice and A Tempo came to my rescue at a very difficult time in my life.  After the death of my husband, I found myself having difficulty dealing with my home containing many mementos, various collections, as well as inventory and supplies from our past businesses. 

I knew that I desperately needed to downsize my home, but I was very resistant to "letting go of anything."  Each time I thought of giving up anything I felt as if I was giving up pieces of my life.  I was not very amenable to any kind of help.

Then Alice and A Tempo came to my aid and organized an overview of everything I needed to consider.  Alice patiently discussed how we might proceed, deciding what might be kept, what might be sold, what might be donated to charity, and what might go into various types of sales.  She extensively researched dealers and various audiences that might be targeted. 

Alice and her staff prepared, advertised, and conducted two incredibly successful sales, one involving local artists and craft people who purchased supplies and inventories from our past businesses and the other an estate sale that included various household items and furniture. 

They organized not only these sales but also the spaces from which the items came.  

A Tempo gave me a manageable space more suited to my current needs.  I found the staff, under Alice’s direction, to be empathic, knowledgeable, totally responsible, and extremely effective.  Thank you Alice and A Tempo.

- Kate

Portland, ME

Move to an Independent Living Community 

It all started five years ago with a broken bookcase.  I hadn’t let anyone in to my Cambridge condo in ages.  My friend Alice, of A Tempo Senior Move, came over and looked around at the condition of my studio unit in a large 1940’s building.  She gently suggested a bunch of improvements to make me more comfortable and to make my home safer.  

I always wanted a nicer place so I had kept a “Dream Home” folder of clippings which I gave to Alice.  The next day Alice had drawn up a floor plan and color scheme for me!  Within three quick weeks all of the extensive water damage and electrical problems were fixed, the floors redone, walls painted and new shelving installed.  Meanwhile Alice helped me buy new, versatile furniture and she repaired other pieces that I wanted to keep.

After having sparse furnishings for so long, it was thrilling to finally come home to a colorful condo with every detail suited to my needs and preferences! 
Recently I decided to move back to Maine and join an independent living community so I called Alice to help me with all the logistics including selling my condo in Massachusetts.  She was very calming and dependable as we sorted through things and we shopped for other items that I needed in my new digs.  Of course I was nervous about moving but Alice was there with me for every step of the process.

- Cyn

Brunswick, ME

Right-sizing is Liberating

Alice Abraham has helped me move and organize my home – in the process, she helped me maintain my equilibrium and even my sense of humor. Most important, she helped me organize my belongings in a way that fits my temperament and my lifestyle.

A snapshot of my past moves: I got overwhelmed by decisions – what to keep, what to discard, what to put where. I could spend an hour determining what to pack in a single box. In the new places, I could never picture where things should go, so we’d live amid boxes for months. My husband, though far neater than I, was not up to the challenge either.

Alice to the rescue! Before our most recent move, she visited our home-to-be, scoped out the size and shape of each room, the storage spaces, and the way rooms flowed one into the other.  Based on all she knew about how my husband and I liked to spend our time at home, Alice drew a plan of how to arrange the furniture in our new and smaller space. Based on what she knew about our aesthetic sense, she even suggested where we might put our artwork and decorative items. 

She was sensitive to my own anxiety about change!  My husband and I simply could not keep all the furniture and belongings from our old house – but I became upset just thinking about giving things up. Alice patiently helped me figure out what to keep and what to part with. She never forced a decision – she gently helped me come to decisions myself. And all along, she knew how to get me to smile!

She planned the move to minimize my own worries. Since I agonized that our carefully arranged books and decorative objects would get mixed up in the shuffle, she cataloged all these items so when they came out of the boxes, they went straight to the shelves in the right spots. Then, with her own expert eye, she figured out new ways to display our art and arrange our furniture so that everything was shown to its best advantage. What I loved was that she planned around the way we ourselves like to live – and she helped us arrange our new home more effectively, more efficiently, and more beautifully than we could on our own.

From start to finish, Alice inspired our trust and rewarded us with her expertise, her integrity, and her caring. After she left, we felt like our new home was our true home – we could find the things we needed, and the space felt like our space. Both my husband and I recommend Alice Abraham and A Tempo wholeheartedly and with tremendous enthusiasm!

 - Betsy

Chicago, IL

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