The Rutland Herald (1/28/17):

Healy Joins Senior Advocacy Group

"Springfield - A longtime nurse consultant and psychoanalyst has joined Senior Solutions' board of directors. Christina Healy, of Jamaica, is a licensed psychiatric nursing consultant with decades of experience in conducting patient psychotherapy and training nursing home staff..."

The Analyst / The Newsletter of the Society of Modern Psychoanalysts (Spring 2015, p.6):

It's Happening in Vermont: Applying the Skills of Psychoanalysis
by Bonnie Irwin

"The Vermont Society of Modern Psychoanalysis teamed up with A Tempo Senior Move to sponsor a weekly cable TV series, "Emotions and the Aging Process." ...The program was produced by Alice Abraham.
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Vermont Maturity Magazine (1/15/15):

Moving? Reorganizing? Local Companies Can Ease the Transition 
by Peter Culkin

"...While Abraham and the other move managers at A Tempo are focused on expediting the physical moving process, they also recognize that the emotional component of moving out of a home can provide additional challenges and are careful to factor in the emotional security of their clients as they help them through what can be a very personal transition. ..."

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Moving Matters e-newsletter (July 2014):

NASMM member SNAP Shot: Alice Abraham

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May 11-18 is National Senior Move Managers week. Brattleboro Reformer (5/10/14):

Jamaica business helps seniors move, downsize
by Chris Mays

JAMAICA -- A new industry is taking off with firms popping up around the United States that provide senior citizens support while they are in the process of downsizing or moving.

"It’s growing by leaps and bounds," said Alice Abraham, owner of A Tempo Senior Move LLC.

After 12 years since the industry’s inception, Abraham’s business is the only such firm in the state of Vermont. It is located in Jamaica in Windham County, a county that has the highest concentration of senior citizens in a state that has the second largest population of elderly people following Maine. ...
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Rightsizing (11/12/13)


Equinox Village's "The Proactive Transition" blog:

Guest blogger Alice Abraham's three posts about senior move services:  What is a senior move manager? (1/20/14), Do I need one? (1/26/14), and 7 Tips for Hiring a senior move manager (2/8/14).

"Alice Abraham, a senior move manager and founder of Vermont's A Tempo Senior Move, has a wonderful perspective. She says, it takes 40 gallons of sap to make one gallon of maple syrup. ...Similarly, we have collected a lot of belongings through the years. When it’s time to right-size, you must consider each item, evaluate it, sort it... It is a long process for some, but it is worth it in the end."

The Burlington Free Press (9/2/13):

Vermont's 'Age Wave' Brings Jobs

... Some entrepreneurs in Vermont have found new opportunities to serve seniors in creative ways. Alice Abraham of Jamaica, for example, is a “senior move manager” who helps people transition to assisted living facilities as well as seniors who simply want to live with fewer belongings.

Relieving the headache of moving for seniors is a growing industry, sparked by the formation of the National Association of Senior Move Managers in the late 1990s just before baby boomers began to retire. ...

The Manchester Journal (8/14/13):

Equinox Speaker Series Set

MANCHESTER - Equinox Village will be holding a Speakers Series that will encourage older people to look at the last quarter of their life to be able to better plan what they would like to get out of it. .... (On 9/12/13) A fourth talk called "Right-sizing your Move" has been added thsi year and it will be presented by Certified Move Manager Alice Abraham, the founder of A Tempo Senior Move. Attendees will learn lots of helpful hints for getting the moving job done. 
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Boston Graduate School of Psychoanalysis: Continuing Education Workshop 5/11/13

"Psychotherapy with the Elderly: Listening for Late Life Adaptations to the Earlier Core Conflict" -- a free workshop open to all. A Tempo Senior Move's Christina Healy will present this Clinical Workshop with Dr. Marjorie Kettell on Sat, May 11 from 10am-1:15pm at the Boston Graduate School of Psychoanalysis, 1581 Beacon St., Brookline MA.
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Brattleboro Reformer (Saturday 1/12/13) Business Buzz:

A Tempo Senior Move featured in the Wall Street Journal

JAMAICA -- A newly established business that provides assistance for elders and their families in what can be a difficult transition of changing living situations was mentioned recently in a Wall Street Journal article by Anne Tergesen (Dec. 10). In the piece, the author discussed the pros and cons of downsizing and featured as an example A Tempo Senior Move, a local and regional resource located in Jamaica. Tergesen described how a particular client successfully used the services of A Tempo Senior Move a couple of times in the process of moving into more comfortable living quarters.
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The Wall Street Journal (Monday 12/10/12)

Everybody Says You Should Downsize.  Everybody May Be Wrong.

by Anne Tergesen
Dealing With Emotional Tangles

Betsy Rubin, 57, has been downsizing since 2003, when she and her second husband, Michael Aaron, 56, combined households. The following year, Ms. Rubin's mother died, leaving the Chicago resident with the task of emptying her parents' apartment. "I'm sentimental," says Ms. Rubin, who still has about 50 boxes in the basement of her townhouse. "Things take on a deep meaning for me because of their connections to people, places and events."
Ms. Rubin says she has relied for assistance on her cousin, Alice Abraham, 51, a senior-move manager in Jamaica, Vt. To help Ms. Rubin part with a broken rocking chair that had been in her childhood room, Ms. Abraham says, she "gradually inched the chair closer to the front door" until, one day, it was on the sidewalk. ...

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Brattleboro Reformer (Friday 11/30/12) Health section:

Holidays are a good time to talk about aging parents' living situation

A Tempo Senior Move is a new local resource offering assistance for elders and their families in what can be a difficult transition of changing living situations. As the holidays near, families gather and talk about many things, with visits often involving aging parents. Enabling seniors to maintain autonomy over a move from their home of many years to more practical facilities, A Tempo Senior Move helps alleviate stress caused by these changes. ...
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