Are you feeling overwhelmed by a lifetime of memories?

A Tempo Senior Move can provide:
  • Planning the details of your move
  • Downsizing your belongings
  • Creating a floor plan for your new space
  • Overseeing your move and packing
  • Unpacking & setting-up your new home
  • We are pet-friendly

Our fee structure:

We offer services on an à la carte basis so that you have the flexibility to use us as much or as little as you need to get the job done comfortably. We keep you informed along the way with a scheduled summary of work provided.
Please consider this an investment in yourself. Let A Tempo Senior Move conduct your move so you can remain composed. More detailed information about our fees is available upon request. Call us at 802-380-1552.

We Are...

  • about the whole transition – the emotions, memories & family dynamics
  • about managing (and yes, removing some of) your lifetime possessions to maximize storage & enhance appeal without clutter or danger to you.
  • about the bathroom floor rug (the one without backing) that won’t come with you to your new home because it’s simply not safe.
  • about you not randomly disposing of items without first asking your children because they may represent treasured childhood memories.
  • about touching & handling the disposition of all of the other stuff you are NOT taking with you.
  • about the expired prescription bottles or jars of salad dressing that are 10 years old and should be tossed for safety.
  • about encouraging you to donate the glass coffee table with sharp edges because you have already fallen 3 times, you have macular degeneration & the clear tabletop is not easily navigated by you.
  • about hanging shelves for mementos because your wall unit will not fit & you desperately want to display your cherished family photos.
  • about the TOTAL picture & the TOTAL person.
  • about ethics, compassion, efficiency, organization, safety & responsiveness to your needs & wants.
  • about less stress, a single point of contact throughout the move & regarding you as our family.

We are Senior Move Managers®. We are NASMM.
We are A Tempo Senior Move.

Serving Vermont and Massachusetts

Cell:   (802) 380 - 1552
Work: (802) 874 - 4473
Jamaica, Vermont 05343

“Songs and Stories Saved” audio service:

A Tempo Senior Move can record you telling your stories, whether they describe family and friends or possessions that have been a special part of your home. Our audio recording process can capture beloved songs, poems, or any other thoughts you'd like to preserve.

In addition to creating a keepsake, the process itself can be therapeutic. Some people are better able to "right-size," after they talk about the connection to and the letting-go of those special belongings. For other people, singing a favorite song is a soothing experience that helps to access memories.

The finished product is a professional-quality CD or audio file that documents your life in spoken words or music. It's like getting a photo album for your ears.